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Perched upon the eastern slope of Serra da Estrela, Covilhã offers its visitors a stunning view of its houses, set against a mountain backdrop.

Granted city status by King Luís I on 20 October 1870, Covilhã lies on the eastern slope of Serra da Estrela, at a height of about 700 metres.

Covilhã is located within the Castelo Branco district, which comprises 11 councils. The Erges, Ponsul, Ocreza and Zêzere Rivers, all tributaries of the Tagus River, run along its valleys. The Tagus River forms its southern border.

Tells the Story...

The name Covilhã has its origins in a legend. As the story goes, Count Julião, the Governor of Ceuta, would have granted safe passage to the Moors in order to exact revenge upon his daughter, Florinda, for having fallen in love with Rodrigo, the last king of the Goths. After Rodrigo was killed in a battle against Tariq, Florinda took shelter in the Hermínios Mountains, where her astuteness and beauty soon won her the respect of the Moors, who renamed her Cova. The hamlet where she lived would become known as Cova Juliana or Covaliana, later becoming Covilhã...
Some people believe that Covilhã owes its name to the pastures and herds raised in the Serra da Estrela region. Initially known as “Covil da Lã” (“Wool Shelter”), the city is now known as Covilhã.

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