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The Aquadome – Unhais da Serra Thermal Spa is located in Unhais da Serra, a mountain village that lies on the southwestern slope of Serra da Estrela, in a glacial valley at a height of 750 metres, approximately 20 km from Covilhã.

The Thermal Spa is part of the H2otel/Aquadome, a hotel complex located within the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, where guests will feel in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. Focusing on healthcare, prevention and wellness, Spa services are grouped into five complementary categories:

Aquatermas– A hydrotherapy area where spring water is used in a vast array of treatments specifically designed to cure ailments and boost health and wellness (Thermal Spa).

Aqualudic– A leisure area featuring hot tubs, indoor and outdoor pools and a Celtic circuit including sauna, colour therapy sauna, Turkish baths, Hammam baths, an ice fountain, hot & cold showers, etc.

Aquacorpus – A wellness area featuring a gym and offering traditional and holistic massage sessions, as well as beauty treatments provided in partnership with Gernétic, a cosmetics brand known for its 100% natural ingredients.

Aquafisio – A modern physical therapy centre where the unique properties of Unhais da Serra water are used to provide the best treatments.

Clinic – A health clinic whose staff includes physicians, a nurse, a physical therapist and a nutritionist.


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