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Outdoor Activities

Natura Emotions

Natura Emotions is the concept behind the many outdoor activities offered by the H2otel/Aquadome Complex, whether or not included in our Medical Spa programmes.

Activities take place in our stunning surroundings, particularly the Alforfa Glacial Valley, located within the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

The H2otel offers a wide range of outdoor activities, ranging from short 1-hour walks to day-long hikes, orienteering and mountain biking. These activities, which also focus on cultural aspects, start from the hotel’s front door.

We also organise other activities, namely Jeep Tours, Themed Tours (cheese tasting, cherry trees in bloom, cherry picking, wine harvest and St. Martin’s Feast), Walking Races, Museum Tours, Seniors’ Programmes and Multi-activity Circuits (slide, rappel, mountain climbing, rope bridge and traditional games).

Activities are supervised by one or more of our Guides, who will accompany guests and provide all the assistance and support needed, including technical support. Our team includes Guides with vast experience in several areas, namely outdoor activities, tourism, sports and adventure.

- Tours
- Walks
- MTB routes
- Barefoot circuit
- Orienteering
- Shooting
- Traditional games


Useful Advice:
Guests are advised to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Easier and tougher routes are available, in order to accommodate varying levels of physical fitness. Guests are advised to check difficulty ratings.

Natura Emotions provides clothing and footwear under special conditions, as well as a free backpack* where guests will be able to carry a picnic kit prepared by our chef.

*available to programme members only

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