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Natura Emotions

Walks allow an intimate contact with nature, in one of the largest protected areas in Portugal and one of the best Biogenetic Reserves in Europe.

In addition to leisurely walks and hikes, as well as walks included within the scope of Medical Spa programmes, we also offer “Challenge” and “Team Building" walks.

Experienced Guides will accompany guests in all walking tours and hiking trips requiring navigational skills.

The Alforfa Glacial Valley routes (along a stream ending at the Unhais village), commonly known as Paths or Trails, afford spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and wildlife.
Paths consists of footpaths flanked by stone walls, once used as herd paths. These paths were originally built to avoid disagreements between farmers and herdsmen, who moved their herds between pastures every season.

Unhais da Serra boasts an authentic network of Small Routes (SR), including nature, panoramic, rural and cultural trails, which can be combined into a Big Route (BR) where all these aspects can be enjoyed.

Take a walking tour to see the glacial landforms, flora and fauna of Serra da Estrela and enjoy this unique experience.
Walking tours are planned to suit participants’ preferences and fitness levels.

SR1 – Estrela Path
SR2 – Chão do Castelo Path


Trails typically consist of uneven footpaths. Therefore, a higher level of fitness and stamina is required.
These trails join the “BRs” already mapped on the Serra de Estrela Central Massif. A wide range of delicate, fragile ecosystems are found in this area, given its relief and high altitude, as well as luxuriant landscapes and a wealth of natural resources that will invigorate your body and spirit.

SR3 – Herdsmen’s Trail
SR4 – Terroeiro Trail

Our daily activity schedule includes an easy/medium difficulty walk.


MTB Routes

Embark on an adventure in nature and have fun on an MTB tour.
Our Bike Friendly Hotel encourages guests to ride their bicycles by providing parking spaces and bicycle maintenance services. The H2otel offers all the facilities and resources required to meet cyclists’ needs, namely cleaning materials and a bicycle repair shop. Additionally, the H2otel offers specific GPS routes, including road and mountain routes.

Mountain Bikes (MTBs) available for rental at the H2otel:
Make: Specialized; Models: Hardrock, Mika and Hotrock
Total of 12 Bicycles; 15", "17" and 19"

Cycling and mountain biking will widen your horizons and allow you to visit historical sites that time has forgotten.

By giving participants the opportunity to overcome basic obstacles, enjoy themselves and work as a team, corporate cycling events represent an excellent bonding experience.

Barefoot Circuit

Whether or not part of the “Foot Spa” programmes ran by the Aquadome, barefoot walking is a pleasant natural reflexology experience.

In line with the 100% Wellness philosophy embraced by the H2otel Congress & Medical SPA/Aquadome Complex, the Barefoot Circuit is highly sought after, given the increasing popularity of healthy, natural lifestyles.

The trail surface is made of several natural materials, namely fine and coarse sand, smooth gravel, pine bark and mud, amongst others. This allows different points to be massaged, which stimulates different areas of the body.

A unique experience, barefoot walking soothes the mind and stimulates countless nerves on the soles of the feet, which are connected to our many internal organs, spine, brain and limbs.
Massage boosts health and promotes balance.
Try Barefoot Walking at the H2otel for a feeling of intimate communion with Nature.

The many landforms and natural resources found in the area make it an excellent spot for practising this sport.

Whether practised individually or by competing teams, our experienced staff will always be on hand to assist you. Healthy competition is encouraged in Challenge/Team Building events.

Shooting ranges can be found near the H2otel and in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.
Shooting can be included in activity plans.
Price on request.

Traditional Games
Popular games provide an insight into the region’s traditional culture.
From simple can shooting to hoop rolling, we organise competitions for all age groups.
Price on request.

Cultural Tourism
Explore the culture of the region, particularly the rural and natural areas around the village of Unhais, for an emotion-filled, enriching experience.

We have prepared a series of cultural programmes that can be adapted to suit your needs. We also offer made-to-measure programmes. Come and talk to us.

Agricultural Tourism Programmes
- “Shepherd for a day”
- “Beekeeper for a day”
- “Between mills and community ovens”

Exploring Local Crafts

Sites of Interest
- Unhais da Serra, Cortes do Meio and Paúl villages
- Museums, Chapels, Mills and Community Ovens
We design made-to-measure cultural tours. Guests can choose to travel in our vehicles or drive their own.



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