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Barefoot Circuit

The Barefoot provides a natural reflexology experience and it is made in an outdoor course at contiguous space to the complex H2otel / Aquadome.

The pavement of Barefoot circuit in Aquadome is constituted by various natural materials, such as, fine sand, coarse sand, rolled stone, pine bark, mud, among others, providing a massage at different points and the stimulation of different parts of the body .

Walking barefoot is an unique experience in nature that relaxes the mind and soul, stimulating countless nerves that exists in the feet's plant, which are connected by ramifications to the various internal organs, spine, brain and upper and lower members of the body.

Try Barefoot circuit in H2otel and let yourself be charmed by the sincere relationship of man with nature.

Consult the Barefoot circuit map.

Consult more information about Barefoot HERE.

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