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A congregating spot since time immemorial, Serra da Estrela can be legitimately considered the heart of the Nation. A natural fortress against invaders, the region has also witnessed the birth of many heroes. Its plentiful resources have provided sustenance to the local population, who has long grown wheat in its valleys and raised herds for their meat, wool and milk, often used to prepare appetising dishes. Nevertheless, life in the mountains is hard. Courage and hardihood are required to brave the fierce, cold winter weather and the austere landscapes of the region.
Like a nurturing Mother, the region metes out harsh weather and fertile valleys in equal shares, to better shape the character of its dwellers, and uses its mountains to keep them close, as if in a warm embrace… We can’t help but feel touched by its splendorous white snow!
Whether you fall in love with the region, stand in awe of its majestic landscapes, feel inspired by the ancient traditions of its people or feel an intimate communion with nature, Serra da Estrela will definitely change you!
But words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself!

For additional information on the Serra da Estrela region, please contact:
Serra da Estrela Tourist Board

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