H2otel Congress & Medical Spa

Aquadome, The Mountain Spa

100% Wellness Centre

Enter a new dimension where water is the regenerating feature that will fill you with a sense of well-being, disconnection, relaxation, balance and inner renewal.

The Aquadome is the first Mountain Spa in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe, a surprising and innovative thermo-leisure space that enables you to combine well-being with health, and enjoy the impressive landscape of the Serra da Estrela surrounding the complex. You will feel part of it.

Healthy mind, healthy body

A thermal center dedicated to prevention and offering thermal spa experiences, exclusive spaces for massages and certified aesthetic treatments, a modern integrated gymnasium and an attractive set of dynamic indoor and outdoor heated pools. This is combined with a recreational circuit that provides a balance between health, aesthetics and leisure.

Discover all these areas and feel the h2-Wellness philosophy!